The Care of the Baby: A Manual for Mothers and Nurses Containing Practical Directions for the Management of Infancy and Childhood in Health and in Disease

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W.B. Saunders Company, 1915 - Infants - 457 pages

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Page 450 - EDITION This book contains all the information that a nurse requires to carry out any directions given by the physician. The Montreal Medical Journal says it is "cleverly systematized and shows close observation of the sickroom and hospital regime.
Page 453 - In Dr. Wilson's work the entire subject is covered from the beginning of pregnancy, its course, signs, labor, its actual accomplishment, the puerperium and care of the infant. American Journal of Obstetrics says: " Every page empasizes the nurse's relation to the case.
Page 448 - Miss Goodnow's work deals entirely with the practical side of first-year nursing work. It is the application of text-book knowledge. It tells the nurse how to do those things she is called upon to do in her first year in the training school — the actual •ward work.
Page 9 - THE CARE OF THE BABY. — A Manual for Mothers and Nurses, containing Practical Directions for the Management of Infancy and Childhood in Health and in Disease.
Page 453 - The Trained Nurse and Hospital Review says: "We have had many occasions to refer to this dictionary, and in every instance we have found the desired information.
Page 447 - The point about this work is this: It tells you, and shows you just how to do those little things entirely omitted from other nursing books, or at best only incidentally treated. The chapters on "Home Treatments" and "Every-Day Care of the Baby," stand out as particularly practical.
Page 452 - McCombs' experience in lecturing to nurses has enabled him to emphasize just those points that nurses most need to know. National Hospital Record says: "We have needed a good book on children's diseases and this volume admirably fills the want.
Page 451 - Dr. AM Seabrook, Woman's Hospital of Philadelphia, says: "It is a most admirable little book, covering in a concise but attractive way the subject from the nurse's standpoint.
Page 451 - book abounds with practical suggestions, and they are given with such clearness that they cannot fail to leave their impress.
Page 449 - Trained Nurse and Hospital Review says: "It is safe to say that any pupil who has mastered even the major portion of this work would be one of the best prepared first year pupils who ever stood for examination.

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