Pediatrics: Orthopedic surgery

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Year Book Publishers, 1905

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Page 133 - Crib in far corner of room with canopy over it. Steam kettle ; gas stove (leaky tubing). Room at 80 F. Many gasjets burning. Friends in the room, also the pet dog. Chest tightly enveloped in waistcoat poultice. If child's temperature is 105 F. make a poultice thick, hot, and tight. Blanket the windows, shut the doors. If these do not do it, give coaltar antipyretics and wait.
Page 3 - Volume VII. Pediatrics. Edited by Isaac A. Abt, MD, Assistant Professor of Medicine (Pediatrics Department), Rush Medical College. Orthopedic Surgery. Edited by John Ridlon, AM, MD, Professor of Orthopedic Surgery, Northwestern University Medical School, with the collaboration of Gilbert L.
Page 94 - ... distinguished from a well-pronounced attack of scarlet fever; but the fact must not be overlooked that there are many mild cases of scarlet fever in which the fever is slight, the eruption poorly marked, and the other symptoms correspondingly uncharacteristic. The significant feature in scarlatiniform erythema, particularly when the rash is well pronounced, is that the intensity of the eruption is out of all proportion to the amount of constitutional disturbance. There is not present the prostration...
Page 30 - Mutton or chicken broth with barley or rice in it ; some bread and butter, and some sago or rice pudding made with milk. (3) A small portion of minced white meat of chicken, or turkey, or minced rare roast-beef, beefsteak, lamb, mutton, or fish ; bread and butter ; a glass of milk.
Page 108 - The results of these two experiments permit the conclusion that the virus of measles is present in the blood of patients with typical measles some time at least during the first 30 hours of the eruption; furthermore, that the virus retains its virulence for at least 24 hours when such blood is inoculated into ascites-broth and kept at 37 C.
Page 30 - AM). — (i) A glass of milk with bread and butter or with a soda or other biscuit. (2) Bread and milk. (3) Chicken or mutton broth. Dinner (2 PM). — Roasted fowl, mutton, or beef cut fine; mashed baked potato with butter or dish-gravy on it ; bread and butter. As dessert, tapioca, sago, or rice...
Page 30 - Rice, sago, or tapioca pudding, or junket, in small quantities, as a dessert with any of these diets. FOURTH MEAL (5 PM).— A glass of milk or some bread and milk. FIFTH MEAL (9 to 10 PM).— A glass of milk. DIET FROM EIGHTEEN MONTHS TO TWO YEARS. BREAKFAST (7 AM)— (1) A glass of milk with a slice of bread and butter or a soda, Graham, oatmeal, or similar unsweetened biscuit. (2) A soft-boiled egg with bread and butter and a glass of milk. (3) Porridge as described in the previous list. SECOND...
Page 131 - He gives the following summary how to cure a baby with broncho-pneumonia : 1. Castor oil to clear the field of operation. It is the first aid to the injured. 2. Fresh air, cool and flowing. It reddens the blood, stimulates the heart, improves digestion, quiets restlessness, aids against toxemia. Regulate the temperature of air of the room inversely to that of the child. The patient's feet must always be warm, and the head cool. 3. Water, plenty, inside and outside. Temperature of the water as indicated...
Page 20 - ... the circumstances named. In other words, there is no causal relationship between density of population per se and a high mortality. The true index of density is the number of persons to each occupied room.
Page 70 - ... possible, though other sources of infection are recognized. Ill-nourished children, particularly those fed on condensed milk are less able to withstand infection by the dysentery bacillus and form a large proportion of the fatal cases. The cases can be roughly divided into two groups — those in which the symptoms of toxemia are most prominent and those in which there is evidence of a destructive lesion of the bowel. Mucus was noticed in the stools in all cases. Blood was present in the discharges...

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