Religio Medici

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John B. Alden, 1839 - Christian ethics - 192 pages

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Page 125 - I do embrace it : for even that vulgar and tavern music, which makes one man merry, another mad, strikes in me a deep fit of devotion, and a profound contemplation of the first composer ; there is something in it of divinity more than the ear discovers : it is an hieroglyphical and shadowed lesson of the whole world, and creatures of God; such a melody to the ear, as the whole world, well understood, would afford the understanding. In brief, it is a sensible fit of that harmony, which intellectually...
Page 133 - O make me try, By sleeping, what it is to die! And as gently lay my head On my grave, as now my bed.
Page 130 - ... whilst I study to find how I am a microcosm, or little world, I find myself something more than the great. There is surely a piece of divinity in us, something that was before the elements and owes no homage unto the sun.
Page 110 - I make not therefore my head a grave, but a treasure of knowledge; I intend no monopoly, but a community in learning; I study not for my own sake only, but for theirs that study not for themselves. I envy no man that knows more than myself, but pity them that know less. I instruct no man as an exercise of my knowledge, or with an intent rather to nourish and keep it alive in mine own head...
Page 27 - I remember I am not alone, and therefore forget not to contemplate Him and His attributes who is ever with me, especially those two mighty ones. His wisdom and eternity.
Page 13 - For my religion, though there be several circumstances that might persuade the world I have none at all, — as the general scandal of my profession, — the natural course of my studies, — the indifferency of my behaviour and discourse in matters of religion (neither violently defending one, nor with that common ardour and contention opposing another), — yet, in despite hereof, I dare without usurpation assume the honourable style of a Christian.
Page 14 - I am of that Reformed new-cast Religion, wherein I dislike nothing but the Name ; of the same belief our Saviour taught, the Apostles disseminated, the Fathers authorized, and the Martyrs confirmed ; but by the sinister ends of Princes, the ambition and avarice of Prelates, and the fatal corruption of times, so decayed, impaired, and fallen from its native Beauty, that it required the careful and charitable hands of these times to restore it to its primitive Integrity.
Page 68 - The whole creation is a mystery, and particularly that of man; at the blast of his mouth were the rest of the creatures made, and at his bare word they started out of nothing; but in the frame of man (as the text describes it) he played the sensible operator, and seemed not so much to create, as make him; when he had separated the materials of other creatures there consequently resulted a form and soul; but having raised the walls K of man, he was driven to a second and harder creation of a substance...
Page 131 - I was born in the Planetary hour of Saturn, and I think I have a piece of that Leaden Planet in me. I am no way facetious, nor disposed for the mirth and galliardize of company...
Page 24 - I love to lose myself in a mystery, to pursue my reason to an O altitudo! 'Tis my solitary recreation to pose my apprehension with those involved enigmas and riddles of the trinity, with incarnation and resurrection.

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