Bacteriology and surgical technic for nurses

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Page 278 - EDITION This book contains all the information that a nurse requires to carry out any directions given by the physician. The Montreal Medical Journal says it is "cleverly systematized and shows close observation of the sickroom and hospital regime.
Page 276 - Stoney's Materia Medica was written by a head nurse who knows just what the nurse needs. American Medicine says it contains "all the information in regards to drugs that a nurse should possess.
Page 277 - This work, now in its seventh edition, has met with a most cordial reception. In this revision the entire book has been carefully gone over and the section on the Nervous System entirely rewritten.
Page 276 - The first part of the book is devoted to Bacteriology and Antiseptics; the second part to Surgical Technic, Signs of Death, Autopsies, Bandaging and Dressings, Obstetric Nursing, Care of Infants, etc., Hygiene and Personal Conduct of the Nurse, etc. The New York Medical Record says it " is a very practical book which presents the subjects stated in its title in a concise manner.

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