Annual Report of the Medical Officer: Supplement to the Annual Report of the Local Government Board, Volume 33

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Page 161 - or title of midwife (either alone or in combination with any other word or words), or any name, title, addition, or description implying that she is certified under the Act, or is a person specially qualified to practise midwifery, or is recognised by law as a midwife, shall be liable on summary conviction to
Page 183 - Western. West Midland. North Midland. . North Western. York. Northern. Welsh. registration Counties, ENGLAND: Bedford. Berks. Buckingham. Cambridge. Chester. Cornwall. Cumberland. Derby. Devon. Dorset. Durham. Essex. Gloucester. Hereford. Hertford. Huntingdon. Kent (extra-metropolitan). Lancaster. Leicester.
Page 159 - as follows :— (1) To exercise general supervision over all midwives practising within their area in accordance with the rules to be laid down under the Act. (2) To investigate charges of malpractice, negligence, or misconduct, on the part of any midwife practising within their area, and should a prima
Page 160 - The local supervising authority may delegate, with or without any restrictions or conditions as they may think fit, any powers or duties, conferred or imposed upon them by or in pursuance of the Act, to a committee appointed by them, and consisting either wholly or
Page 161 - Sir, I AM directed by the Local Government Board to state that they have received information, in connection with an outbreak of enteric fever on board the Training Ship "Cornwall," that a large quantity of blankets, lately received in this countiy from South Africa,
Page 182 - Unions registration Divisions. London South Eastern .. South Midland .. Eastern South Western .. West Midland .. North Midland .. North Western .. York Northern .. Welsht .. Registration Counties. England: Bedford Berks .. Buckingham .. Cambridge Chester .. Cornwall Cumberland .. Derby Devon Dorset Durham Essex Gloucester Hereford
Page 159 - case be established, to report the same to the Central Midwives Board. (3) To suspend any midwife from practice, in accordance with the rules under the Act, if such suspension appears necessary in order to prevent the spread of infection. (4) To report at once to the Central Midwives Board the name of any midwife practising in their area convicted of
Page 261 - the United States Government issued a series of Regulations in respect to Quarantine and the prevention of certain diseases, including plague. The following are the regulations on account of plague specially applicable to shipping :— (1) For the purpose of these regulations seven days shall be considered as the period of incubation of plague.
Page 185 - Lincoln. Middlesex (extrametropolitan). Monmouth. Norfolk. Northampton. Northumberland. Nottingham Oxford. Rutland. Salop. Somerset Southampton. Stafford. Suffolk. Surrey (extra- metropolitan). Sussex. Warwick. Westmorland. Wilts. Worcester. York,
Page 262 - to insure the destruction of rats and vermin. The rats shall be subsequently gathered and burned, due precautions being taken not to touch them with the bare hands, and the places where found disinfected with a germicidal solution, and the quarantine officer shall assure himself that the vessel is free of rats and vermin before granting free pratique.

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