Pediatrics: Orthopedic surgery

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Year Book Publishers, 1907

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Page 195 - This area varied in size from that of a dime to that of a dollar, showed no special symmetry, and was not abruptly defined.
Page 104 - ... shape was best brought out. In two or three instances flagella were seen, but never more than two. In the same specimen of fluid another hyaline body, also motile but containing from two to four small motile granules, was occasionally seen. The first described hyaline body with the peculiar granule, was observed in thirty-nine out of forty-one cases of measles, examined usually upon the second day of the disease. In the two unsuccessful instances the serum was not obtained until the fifth day...
Page 105 - ... the cytoryctes. I do not presume or claim that this body is the cause of measles or that it plays any part in the etiology, yet its almost constant presence in the serum of the early eruption is a most interesting fact and seems suggestive. No similar bodies were identified in normal serum, the serum from a few cases of scarlet fever or the serum from a number of syphilitics. A very minute hyaline body was observed by me a couple of years ago in the serum from the vesicle in several cases of...
Page 101 - The results obtained in these series of one hundred cases are so definite that it seems safe to conclude that the removal of a considerable portion of the non-antitoxic globulins, as well as the albumins from the serum by the Gibson method, has eliminated much of the deleterious matter from the serum, so that severe rashes, joint complications, fever, and other constitutional disturbances are less likely to occur from the antitoxic globulins than from the antitoxic serum from which it was obtained.
Page 86 - ... predominant feature of the bacteriology of the throat in scarlet fever is the constant presence of large numbers of streptococcus pyogenes. (2) That the overwhelming majority of the so-called complications and of the deaths in scarlet fever is due to invasion of the tissues and the blood by this microbe.
Page 194 - The eruption consists of hemorrhagic patches varying in size from that of a small coin to that of the palm of the hand, which come out suddenly and in considerable numbers.
Page 23 - ... on the child. Terror and fright, even manifest physical suffering from the cold, are not bars to its usefulness. Cyanosis and failure to respond to the shock by crying and struggling are signs of evil to be looked for and feared. Under these circumstances the bath must be stopped, the child wrapped in blankets, and stimulated with whiskey or digitalis. The length of time to keep a child in the bath is to be judged...
Page 104 - In the two unsuccessful instances the serum was not obtained until the fifth day of the eruption, when it was fading. The body was stained with Wright's blood stain, though poorly, and in these preparations the granule was seen to be situated eccentrically or upon the periphery.
Page 205 - He stated that his reason for the use of the term "'was the production of acute pain on the slightest movement, whether lateral or forward, and the absence of any marked febrile disturbance or neuralgia.
Page 24 - On warm humid nights do not give milk feedings, because the humidity is higher at night than in the daytime. 7. For diarrhea give calomel or castor oil to eliminate decomposing food. Stop all milk feedings temporarily. If the air is hot but dry, milk feedings may be resumed quite rapidly. If the relative humidity is high, feed gruels to reduce heat production and also to starve out putrefactive...

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