Clinical Excerpts, Volume 11

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Excerpts from various medical journals recommending the use of certain pharmaceutical products.

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Page 287 - All practitioners of medicine and surgery, as well as the general public, should be impressed with the importance of prohibiting the use of cathartics and food by mouth, as well as the use of large enemata, in cases suffering from acute appendicitis.
Page 100 - ... contagion and fevers that follow improper subsistence and neglected sanitation — diseases . that have brought more campaigns to disastrous terminations than the strategies of opposing generals or the bullets of their followers.
Page 100 - ... to prevent danger from bacteria. Long before the outbreak of hostilities he was with the advance agents of the army, testing provisions that were being collected for troops that were to follow ; and, as a consequence of...
Page 233 - In ordinary cases the process of getting rid of the gonococci is accomplished in the ascending stage by phagocytosis, and in the stage of decline through...
Page 38 - It is estimated that eighty per cent, of all deaths from pelvic diseases in women are due to gonorrhea. Twenty per cent, of all blindness is due to gonorrheal infection of the newborn. Fifty per cent, of all involuntary childless marriages are caused by gonorrhea of the female organs of generation, of which forty-five per cent, are due to marital infection by men.
Page 100 - The medical officer is also found in camp, lecturing the men on sanitation and the hundred and one details of personal hygiene — how to cook, to eat, and when not to drink, to bathe, and even to the direction of the paring and cleansing of the fingernails to prevent danger from bacteria.
Page 100 - The medical officer also accompanies foraging parties, and with the commissariat officers samples the various food, fruits, and vegetables sold by the natives along the line of march long before the arrival of the army. If the food is tainted or the fruit overripe, or the water requires boiling, notice is posted to that effect, and such is the respect and discipline of every soldier from commanding officer to the file in the ranks that obedience to its order is absolute.
Page 63 - If syphilis were first recognized as one of the great contagious diseases, against which it is the duty of the government to protect the community, the details of that protection would follow with time; and as the public became aware of the dangers arising from...
Page 123 - The urine contained considerable albumen, large' epithelial casts and fine granular casts. His condition grew gradually worse, until, in July, there was general anasarca ; the abdomen at the umbilicus measured thirty-five inches, and there was edema over the right lung, posteriorly below the angle of the scapula. There was a pleuritic exudate on the left side, up to the sixth rib ; pericardial dullness was also increased.
Page 100 - The medical officer is omnipresent. You will find him in countless places where in an American or British army he has no place. He is as much at the front as in the rear. He is with the first screen of scouts with his microscope and chemicals, testing and labeling wells so the army to follow shall drink no contaminated water.

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