Buffalo Medical Journal and Monthly Review of Medical and Surgical Science, Volume 23

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1868 - Medicine

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Page 325 - The Diagnosis, Pathology, and Treatment of Diseases of Women ; including the Diagnosis of Pregnancy. By GRAILY HEWITT, MD &c. President of the Obstetrical Society of London. Second Edition, enlarged; with 116 Woodcuts. 8vo. 24s. Lectures on the Diseases of Infancy and Childhood. By CHARLES WEST, MD &c.
Page 97 - And she shall then continue in the blood of her purifying three and thirty days; she shall touch no hallowed thing, nor come into the sanctuary, until the days of her purifying be fulfilled.
Page 195 - Physiology of Man. Designed to represent the existing state of Physiological Science as applied to the Functions of the Human Body.
Page 88 - But if this thing be true, and the tokens of virginity be not found for the damsel: then they shall bring out the damsel to the door of her father's house, and the men of her city shall stone her with stones that she die...
Page 238 - Resolved, That a copy of these resolutions be presented to the family of the deceased, and that they be published in the city papers and in the columns of the Cincinnati LANCET-CLINIC.
Page 290 - IN the tempest of life, when the wave and the gale Are around and above, if thy footing should fail, If thine eye should grow dim, and thy caution depart, " Look aloft !" and be firm, and be fearless of heart. If the friend who embraced in prosperity's glow, With a smile for each joy, and a tear for each woe, Should betray thee, when sorrows like clouds are arrayed, "Look aloft" to the friendship which never shall fade.
Page 93 - And if any man lie with her at all, and her flowers be upon him, he shall be unclean seven days ; and all the bed whereon he lieth shall be unclean. 25 And if a woman have an issue of her blood many days out of the time of her separation...
Page 87 - I gave my daughter unto this man to wife and he hateth her; and, lo, he hath given occasions of speech against her, saying, I found not thy daughter a maid; and yet these are the tokens of my daughter's virginity.
Page 88 - And Adam knew his wife again; and she bare a son, and called his name Seth: For God, said she, hath appointed me another seed instead of Abel, whom Cain slew.
Page 126 - The first question presented by the plaintiff in error is founded upon an exception to the refusal of the court to instruct the jury to render a verdict for the...

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