Modern Medicine, Volumes 13-14

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John Harvey Kellogg
Modern Medicine Publishing Company, 1904 - Bacteriology

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Page 194 - TRADE MARKS DESIGNS COPYRIGHTS Ac. Anyone sending a sketch and description may quickly ascertain our opinion free whether an Invention is probably patentable.
Page 217 - In the treatment of otorrhea. irrigation with a one-half per cent solution is said to be of benefit. A solution of the same strength is of value in the treatment of ozena. As it removes odor, it may prove of service in gangrene. In cancer of the cervix uteri the application of gauze saturated with a solution of cresylone will remove the odor that accompanies this disease. For disinfecting sputa and stools cresylone commends itself in the sick-room, hospital ward, schools, prisons, etc.
Page 217 - A two per cent, solution of Cresylone is not only an excellent disinfectant for instruments and hands, but a valuable detergent and lubricant, too. It is said not to injure metallic or rubber instruments, though celluloid articles are apt to become friable under its action. In the treatment of wounds a...
Page 70 - Students and Practitioners of Medicine. By Dr. Hermann Lenhartz, Professor of Medicine and Director of Hospital at Hamburg, etc. Authorized Translation from the Fourth and Last German Edition, with Notes and Additions, by Henry T. Brooks...
Page 75 - The idea occurred to him to inject one fluidrachm of Adrenalin Chloride Solution into the pleural sac, in a case of abdominal cancer extending to the pleura, after the aspiration of a large quantity of bloody serum, the object of the injection being to lessen the secretion. There was no further secretion, consequently no further tapping, and the patient spent the remainder of her life in perfect comfort so far as her chest was concerned. This treatment was extended to cases of ascites due to hepatic...
Page 11 - ... safe. 7. In case no operation is performed neither nourishment nor cathartics should be given by mouth until the patient has been free from pain and otherwise normal for at least four days.
Page 189 - In several experiments with these animals "the intestinal tract apart from the cecal pouch, was found to be sterile." Neither bouillon tubes nor agar showed growths, though the controls gave abundant cultures. Other experiments showed that enzymes and toxins are also destroyed or rendered inert by acetozone.
Page 136 - ... to destroy or prevent their appearance. The mode of application makes this method applicable to reservoirs of all kinds, pleasure ponds and lakes, fish ponds, oyster beds, watercress beds, etc. It is also probable that the method can be used for the destruction of mosquito larvse.
Page 91 - ... have found the one, both in its broad general features and in its finer histological details, to be identical with the other. We have so far failed to discover any character by which we could distinguish the one from the other ; and our records contain accounts of the post-mortem examinations of bovine animals infected with tuberculous material of human origin which might be used as typical descriptions of ordinary bovine tuberculosis.
Page 286 - ... as an internal remedy. I got the attack under control and supposed I would have no further trouble, but all at once the disease began to spread over the scalp. The usual remedies did no good. I thought that if Acetozone was the germ destroyer it was represented to be, it should be of use to me. So I made a solution of fifteen grains to two pints of water and used it freely on the scalp.

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