Buffalo Medical Journal and Monthly Review of Medical and Surgical Science, Volume 21

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1866 - Medicine

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Page 324 - was made up in laughter. Our little habitation was situated at the foot of a sloping hill, sheltered with a beautiful underwood behind, and prattNo.
Page 324 - cloths, and preceded by a pipe and tabor; a feast also was provided for, our reception, at which we sat cheerfully down ; and what the conversation wanted
Page 324 - Pica, ling river before ; on one side a meadow, on the other a green. My farm consisted of about twenty acres of excellent land, No.
Page 313 - itself, and may consequently easily lead to an increase of the myopia. Besides this, the pressure of the muscles upon the eye ball appears to be greater when the optic axes are convergent, than when they are parallel, and this increase of pressure cannot but tend to give rise to the development of posterior staphyloma.
Page 324 - of Idleness and pleasure. They kept up the Christmas carol, sent true-love knots on Valentine morning, eat pancakes on Shrove-tide, shewed their wit on the first of April, and religiously cracked
Page 287 - have truth on their side, and whose personal and private worth are always better understood than expressed. It has been happily said of him, that he never wastes a word, a drop of ink, or a drop of blood, and his is the strongest, exactest, truest,
Page 291 - DC, Chairman. On the Progress of Medical Science, Dr. Jerome Candee Smith, NY, Chairman. On Diphtheria, Dr. HD Holton, Vt.. Chairman. On the Comparative Value of Life in City and Country, Dr. Edw. Jarvis, Mass., Chairman. On Drainage and Sewerage of Cities in their Influence on Health, Dr. Wilson Jewell, Pa., Chairman. What
Page 129 - in one wall of the uterus or the other; contraction of the os internum or os externum ; flexures of the canal of the cervix; either acute or gently curved, either at the os internum, at the insertion of the vagina, or extending throughout the whole length of the canal; all
Page 195 - Lectures on the Diseases of the Stomach, with an introduction on its Anatomy and Physiology. By William Brinton, MD, PRS
Page 149 - Stimulants and Narcotics,'their Mutual Relations: With Special Researches on the Action of Alcohol, ^Ether and Chloroform on the Vital Organism. By Francis

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